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13 de Octubre 2007

Poor british girl II

Maybe writing movies has been her damnation; she Left Her ittle town -just a pair of hours away from Brighton- and came to L.A. following her dream; write movies. Just in that moment she felt her world falling apart, plagued of common boring people, But it was just a moment, the next second everything was allright ("I can't feel anything, I'm British, I cant feel anything, I'm british, I can't feel...").
Her bagel was there, waiting. It was funny, tremendously funny, a bagel. she danced a little bit with the idea inside her mind and then came back to the real world. that bagel was looking her, a subatomic dot in the middleof her nose, a light idea comin' out from her eyes, a pretty redemption walking into her mouth....
"I gonna go back, I cannot stand this anymore, bloody shit."
"Are you ok little lady?" ask the spiits-man, next to her... she look trough the window hoping the sun to dont screw her day even more... the clouds were still there... "Ok, maybe its not gonna be that bad...".
And that words were the last words heared by the bagel; she putted her lips closer to it, as she was gonna reveal a secret...
"...and you're not gonna look at me that way anymore".
Poor bagel.

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