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8 de Octubre 2007

Sad British Girl

she was a sad british girl
waiting for the rain in the top of a tree
trying to be free with a giant umbrella,
an enormous coat, and a cup of the.

She was a Sad british girl in central california
playing freesbee, being weird, walking with a sick smile.
with her funny accent, she never went to tijuana
"that's so bloody yankee... in my home we cook the limes".

SHe was a sad british girl, the saddest one in the entire world,
she missed the clamps, and the scottishs, she was missing home.
she felt like in nowhere, she felt she was wrong
"because i am nowhere... if im not in hackney downs".

Escrito por Rho NivonoG a las 8 de Octubre 2007 a las 09:26 AM

i'm not a british girl, but i feel the same way... (u)

Escrito por caramelo a las 16 de Junio 2011 a las 09:23 AM
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